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Welcome to Practical and Pretty Foods! Where cooking is what I do.

At Practical and Pretty Food I work hard to keep your family healthy and happy and full of food they love. Family dinner time should be a stress free and happy affair, not full of rushing and constant arguing about where you are going to eat out next.

Hiring a professional chef to cook your meals and dinner parties is a HUGE money saver. Not only do you save on not eating out, but you save money on grocery waste too. Watching a weeks worth of perishables get tossed in the trash is both frustrating and wasteful.  If I shop, you are guaranteed high quality food at low prices.

I have been a chef for fifteen years, ten of them professionally. I have been cooking for thirty years, I could chop food before I could write. Any style of food available, from classic American to the exotic foods of India, Malaysia and the Caribbean.  I specialize in Italian food, vegetarian food and healthy kid friendly foods.

I am also available for dessert needs. Miniature desserts,  bars, cupcakes, brownies and cakes all available.

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Andrea Geralds

Personal Chef